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A little help abut Desktop apps?

Hey guys,

so I’m pretty new to Kotlin, though I know the basics and fundamentals pretty well, and I was interested in building Desktop applications. Currently I’m building my project with TornadoFx, but I have no actual clue about how to compile it to a .exe or .dmg, for example. I was looking around the web and I found all these articles about Kotlin/Native, Compose and KMM, and now I’m a bit confused over all of them.

So can someone explain to me a bit about what are those environments? Can I actually build something compatible with Windows or Mac with Kotlin? Can I stick with TornadoFx and Kotlin (both of which I’m finding myself really comfortable with)? I’d like to have just to have a bit of guidelines about what I should look to learn and to invest some time on.

Thank you so much in advance to everyone!

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