Better way to do this?

Better way to do this?

So I’m trying to build a map from 3 different lists and I am using this code here:

map = categories!!.groupBy { }

.mapValues {

list1!!.filter { a ->

list2!!.any { == } && a.category_id == it.key



So it goes like this:

  • list1 contains object1 which has the category id and an id
  • list2 contains object2 which has only the id and not the category id
  • The keys needs to be the category ids
  • The values are the elements of list1 that have the same ids of the elements of list2
  • Multiple elements can be in one category
  • The end result is like this: Map>

There is quite a lot of data to go through and right now it takes somewhere between 30sec to 1min on my phone to execute (in a coroutine).

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