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The Kotlin YouTube Channel

The Kotlin community has always been the greatest source of inspiration for our team. We aspire to make the life of every Kotlin developer better, and we do our best to listen to all your feedback. With the increasing demand for more Kotlin-related video content, we would like to draw your attention to the Kotlin YouTube channel. It will help you connect with other Kotlin enthusiasts, stay up to date with what we are doing in the Kotlin team, and learn new skills from the comfort of your couch.

The Kotlin YouTube channel was launched on January 18, 2021, and has since grown to have more than 9 thousand subscribers, who can expect a new video every week. Over these 2 and a half months, we have introduced a multitude of formats, including pre-recorded videos, live webinars, and a bi-weeikly video podcast.

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Here is a short summary of all of the series and formats that are currently available:

Spring Time in Kotlin

In this series you will learn how Kotlin and Spring work hand-in-hand to make you more productive while building server-side applications. Together with Anton Arhipov you will build a simple service with a database and extend it to try different Spring APIs. All the episodes are accompanied by code samples, so it will be easy for you to follow along and start using Kotlin to build Spring applications.

Webinars with experts

During our webinars, experts from different companies explain how to use Kotlin for a variety of purposes and answer questions during Q&A sessions. Speakers from JetBrains, VMware, Confluent, and Oracle have covered reactive programming, asynchronous applications with the Ktor framework, building microservices with Helidon, and other aspects of using Kotlin for server-side development. There are also special tracks on competitive programming and Kotlin for education, and more webinars are still to come! Subscribe to take part in the webinars and ask your questions during the live Q&A sessions! Recordings of these events will be also available after on the channel.

Kotlin Standard Library Safari

Learn about the features you get out of the box with Kotlin! If you know how to wield it, the Kotlin standard library is a powerful tool that can help you solve problems more effectively and be more expressive in your code. Together with Sebastian Aigner, we go through the useful functionality the standard library in Kotlin has to offer. In the process, we together unearth some hidden gems that could come in handy the next time you write Kotlin code.

Talking Kotlin

Since 2017, the Talking Kotlin Podcast has been the place to hear from people of different backgrounds and specializations about how they use Kotlin. Following its move to YouTube, Sebastian Aigner has joined Hadi Hariri as a co-host and we have already had conversations about the present and the future of Kotlin with its new project lead, Roman Elizarov, and about Kotlin Multiplatform with John O’Reilly. In each episode we are joined by interesting guests who offer insights into their experiences of using Kotlin in a variety of exciting fields.

Kotlin Multiplatform Multiverse

In this series of videos, Kate Petrova will show you how to use Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile for developing apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase. You will start by creating a simple application and proceed to look at a typical KMM-project structure. After learning the basics of KMM, you will see how to use it in real projects and understand how to make the process of developing cross-platform mobile apps with Kotlin Multiplatform efficient and enjoyable.

Plans for the future

We’re not stopping there. We’re exploring additional formats that will allow us to provide even more Kotlin content for you to enjoy. We have plans to bring more people from the team to the channel and organize special video events dedicated to certain milestones in the language. For example, we plan to do something special for the upcoming Kotlin 1.5 release.

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As we continue to develop the official YouTube channel for Kotlin, we would like to pause for a moment to say thank you to everyone who inspired us to make all of this happen. We love reading your comments under the videos, and we continuously strive to make the channel better and provide content that you, our community, will find helpful. Please leave your ideas for a new series here, or under any of our videos, and we’ll do our best to bring them to the channel.

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How Do You Use Stack Overflow? The Kotlin Community Survey

Stack Overflow is an essential resource when it comes to learning something new about programming. It is easily searchable, used by millions of people, and extremely popular in the software engineering community. During the Kotlin Census 2020, 55% of respondents mentioned Stack Overflow as a helpful learning resource.

However, sometimes we hear that finding Kotlin-related information on Stack Overflow is not easy. Given the importance of the platform, we’re keen to fix this, and increase the number of questions answered there.

It will help us a lot if you could share how you search for Kotlin-related information on Stack Overflow by filling out our survey.

Fill out the survey

The survey will take around 10 minutes to complete. As a thank you for your help, you will have a chance to win a JetBrains All Product Pack subscription or a $100 Amazon eGift voucher. Winners will be picked at random from among the surveys that are filled out completely.

If you are interested in helping us with our research, please share your email and check the box at the end of the survey. We will keep you posted about our research and how you can participate in future activities through the newsletter.

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Kotlin Heroes: Episode 6 Is Here

Registration for Kotlin Heroes: Episode 6 is open. This coding challenge is co-hosted by JetBrains and Codeforces, the most popular platform for programming contests. It is a great opportunity to learn about the features and capabilities of the Kotlin language.
Register now and save the date: March 9, 2:35 PM UTC.

“Programming contests are a great way to test your programming skills and improve them. Whether you are a seasoned competitive programmer or a Kotlin developer who has never participated in a programming contest before, you’ll find these contests useful, entertaining, and thought-provoking. They’re designed to give everyone a chance to win prizes. We hope that you’ll find the Kotlin language fun and enjoyable to use and that you will keep using it in other programming contests.”
— Roman Elizarov, ICPC Live Director, Project Lead for Kotlin

The contest features a set of problems designed for both beginners and seasoned competitive programmers. Competitive programming is a mind sport where contestants write programs to solve precisely formulated algorithmic problems within strict constraints. The problems range from simple ones, which can be solved by any developer and don’t require much code, to complex ones that demand knowledge of specific algorithms and data structures, and lots of experience.

The top three winners will receive prizes of $512, $256, and $128, respectively. The top 50 contestants will win a Kotlin Heroes t-shirt and exclusive Kotlin stickers. Every competitor who solves at least one problem will enter a drawing for one of the 50 exclusive Kotlin Heroes t-shirts.

Before the Kotlin Heroes: Episode 6 begins, you are invited to test your programming skills in a practice round. On March 9, you are invited to take the real challenge and compete for prizes.

Check out our page about Kotlin Heroes to learn more about the format of the competition, and resources available for preparation.

To get ready for the challenge, you can read our tutorial on competitive programming in Kotlin and watch the videos from our Competitive Programming playlist on YouTube.

See you soon!

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Kotlin Heroes 5: ICPC Round is Approaching

Welcome to Kotlin Heroes 5: ICPC Round, the new round of our regular competitive programming contest co-hosted by JetBrains and Codeforces! Register now and save the date – November 12, 2020.

This is a special round for which we’ve joined forces with the world-famous ICPC, the International Collegiate Programming Contest. It’s a rare chance to test your skills and see how you compare to some of the brightest coding minds.

Kotlin Heroes is fun for everyone regardless of their level of programming experience, and every participant has an equal chance of winning a prize!

What is Kotlin Heroes

Kotlin Heroes is a Kotlin-only coding contest created and hosted by JetBrains and Codeforces, the most popular platform for coding competitions. The previous four rounds attracted more than 4000 participants, including tourist, Egor, Benq, eatmore, Golovanov399, Petr, ecnerwala, and other famous competitive programming champions.

This is a great opportunity to learn about Kotlin’s capabilities, as well as a chance to practice coding and adopt a powerful modern programming language.

I like a challenge, sign me up!


Participants have 2 hours and 30 minutes to solve as many problems as they can. Each problem set includes tasks of varying difficulty to suit everyone from beginners to the most advanced programmers. Participants are faced with up to 10 problems of increasing complexity and ranked according to the number of correct solutions they come up with.


  • The top three winners will be awarded with $512, $256, and $128.
  • The top 50 contestants win Kotlin Heroes t-shirts and stickers.
  • Everyone who gets through the first task will be entered into a raffle to win one of 50 Kotlin Heroes t-shirts.
  • To mark this special round, we’ll be issuing participation certificates from the Kotlin team, JetBrains, Codeforces, and ICPC to everyone who takes part.
  • There is also an outstanding special recognition prize from the ICPC: ICPC- experience, an invitation to the Moscow World Finals 2021, all-inclusive on-site (hotel, meals, ceremonies, and swag, are included; visa, flights, transportation to the contest location is not).

Join Kotlin Heroes!

Who can attend

Kotlin Heroes welcomes everyone. The contest has no limitations on experience or professional background.

How to prepare

We hope to see you at Kotlin Heroes 5: ICPC Round on November 12!

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