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✅ 2 articles that are part of the Effective Kotlin book:
👉 Respect the contract of hashCode
👉 Respect the contract of compareTo
Share your Gradle configuration with the Gradle Kotlin DSL — A guide for Android projects
✅ 2 new workshops:
👉 Advanced Kotlin
👉 Android application development
✅ Podcast info — only in polish 🇵🇱

Enjoy! ⏬

What is the contract of the hashCode and… why should we care?! 🤭
Find the answer in the Respect the contract of hashCode article written by Marcin Moskala 👇

Effective Kotlin Item 43: Respect the contract of hashCode

In this article, Marcin Moskala explains What is the contract of the compareTo and why we should care 🤔

Effective Kotlin Item 44: Respect the contract of compareTo

Here’s a guide for Android projects that will help you to convert your Gradle build scripts from Groovy to Kotlin, allowing you to take advantage of some great benefits 🤩
written by Michael McCormick 👇

Share your Gradle configuration with the Gradle Kotlin DSL — A guide for Android projects

We have 2 new workshops in our offer! 🔥

❗️Advanced Kotlin❗️
Become a great Kotlin developer by leveraging advanced features of the language 💻

❗️Android application development ❗️
Learn how to create applications on the Android operating system 🤖

🇵🇱 To our polish audience

On the 7th of July 2021 at 19:00 Marcin Moskała will be a guest of the podcast “Przeprogramowani” 🤩
He will talk about his latest book “JavaScript from scratch” and reveal why he is so eager to share his knowledge.

Join us here 👇

“JavaScript od podstaw” by Marcin Moskala — Przeprogramowani podcast

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Continue ReadingArticles & New workshops Availability Issue, Aug 13, 2020: Postmortem

Last week on Thursday you might have experienced the website as unavailable for several minutes. We have performed a thorough analysis of the accident to prevent such issues in the future. We are sorry for the possible inconvenience caused.

Accident Summary

On August 13, 2020, the United States mirror of was partially unavailable between 17:43 and 17:52 UTC.

Affected: US mirror of

Not affected:

  • IDE authorization
  • Resellers Store
  • JetBrains Account
  • EU mirror of all apps, including

Accident Timeline

  • 17:43 UTC Applications lost their connection to the in-memory data store and failed the first health check.
  • 17:52 UTC Connection was restored, and applications were returned to normal

Root cause

Lack of a high availability configuration for the in-memory data structure store, along with a lack of DNS records availability health checks for some applications under

Action points

  • AWS Route 53, which is used as DNS provider for, health checks will be extended with additional checks for webpages and the ability to switch traffic to healthy applications in another region.
  • Reconfiguration of in-memory data structure store to enable the multi-AZ and failover options.

Your JetBrains Team
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Continue Availability Issue, Aug 13, 2020: Postmortem

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