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Kotlin for Interviews series

Hello and happy Friday!

In the first half of November, we published a series of 5 Kotlin for Interviews articles written by Sherry Yuan. They cover data structures, collection functions, math, common algorithms, and other parts of Kotlin that are important to know for technical interviews.

You will find them all below!

But first, check “Kotlin for Interviews” cheat sheet that compiles an overview of code snippets that are coming up often during the interviews.

Part 1: Common Data Types

It covers a few common data types that appear often in algorithms and data structures questions, eg. MutableList, HashMap, or PriorityQueue.

Part 2: Collection Functions

This part covers Collection Functions topics: getters, search and find, sorting, boolean summary and statistical summary.

Part 3: Numbers and Math

It covers numbers and math topics, like number types and math operators, as well as useful functions and constants.

Part 4: Iteration

This part covers Refresher on Range, 1D arrays/lists, 2D arrays/lists, Maps and PriorityQueues.

Part 5: Frequently Used Code Snippets

It covers frequently used code snippets, like creating graphs in adjacency list form, breadth and depth-first search, tree traversal and dynamic programming/memoization.

Happy coding!
Kt. Academy Team

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