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In the first half of November, we published a series of 5 Kotlin for Interviews articles written by Sherry Yuan. They cover data structures, collection functions, math, common algorithms, and other parts of Kotlin that are important to know for technical interviews.

You will find them all below!

But first, check “Kotlin for Interviews” cheat sheet that compiles an overview of code snippets that are coming up often during the interviews.

Part 1: Common Data Types

It covers a few common data types that appear often in algorithms and data structures questions, eg. MutableList, HashMap, or PriorityQueue.

Part 2: Collection Functions

This part covers Collection Functions topics: getters, search and find, sorting, boolean summary and statistical summary.

Part 3: Numbers and Math

It covers numbers and math topics, like number types and math operators, as well as useful functions and constants.

Part 4: Iteration

This part covers Refresher on Range, 1D arrays/lists, 2D arrays/lists, Maps and PriorityQueues.

Part 5: Frequently Used Code Snippets

It covers frequently used code snippets, like creating graphs in adjacency list form, breadth and depth-first search, tree traversal and dynamic programming/memoization.

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Kotlin for Interviews series was originally published in Kt. Academy on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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New tools on our website

We are constantly working to improve our website to make it easier to use. That’s why we recently added some extra tools that will make your experience better and more intuitive.

Online course functionality — we’ve created this tool to share open courses and to leave our workshop participants with follow-up materials. All the workshop attendees now have online access to the videos and exercises from the course (plus some extra), resources, and suggestions on what to learn next. All others can make our preparation guide or the Advent of Kotlin 2018 exercises.

If you attended any of our courses or courses conducted by Marcin Moskala and you haven’t received any email (check spam), it means we don’t have your email address. Login and then contact us by email contact@kt.academy.

Open workshop request — we know some of you wanted to request an open online workshop in your region, but our website didn’t support that. Now it does! A separate form for the in-company and open workshop requests.

DTO Generator— since in backend applications we need to generate lots of similar classes (dto, json, document/entity, assertion) we made a generator.

JSON formatter — makes JSON pretty and generates TypeScript type as well as Kotlin class definitions. Runs on your browser and does not send or save your code anywhere!

We hope that you like these changes! If you have any suggestions or there is anything else you’d like to share, contact us at contact@kt.academy. We’re happy to help! 🙂

Happy coding!
Kt. Academy Team

New tools on our website was originally published in Kt. Academy on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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