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Doing Interviews using Kotlin – my experiences so far

Bit of my background – 6 YOE in the backend development, languages include Java, C#, PHP, a bit of ruby and python. 6 months ago our team started using kotlin for backend services and instantly became a fan of this language. Currently, I am shopping casually for a new job and decided to use kotlin for the interview. My experience so far:
– most of the online coding challenge sites provides decent kotlin support but for some cases, it was horrible, like for one problem in java they provided the input parsing code automatically but kotlin it wasn’t there so I had to solve the problem in Java.
– I did one in-person interview using kotlin and the person was a smart guy, he only said I get stuck I am on my own! I did pass that round easily.
So far my motto has been if a company fusses about using kotlin during the interview, I won’t interview there. I am interested to do development in any new language, but during an interview, I will use my favourite language because I am fast in that.
BTW, I am not an android developer. and all of the positions I am applying are various backend web services positions in various languages.

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