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Doodle 0.5.0 released.

Doodle is a pure Kotlin UI framework for the Web, that lets you create rich applications without relying on Javascript, HTML or CSS. Check out the documentation and tutorials to learn more.

Highlights include

Multi-touch Support

Doodle now supports multiple pointers (i.e. touches) by default. So there is no additional work needed to enable this in apps.

  • PointerInputManager

    now tracks a collection of pointers and dispatches events to Views on a per-pointer basis.

  • PointerEvent

    now has information about the list of pointers (for the View and overall). This lets handlers support multi-touch.

  • Resizer

    now works better with multi-touch.

  • Added ability to suppress OS handling of PointerEvent. This is like consume, except it does not affect other app listeners.

Accessibility Support

This release stabilizes accessibility and brings a lot of new support to items in the Controls library.

Kotlin IR compiler Support

Apps can now choose to use either the IR or Legacy artifacts.

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