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Godot Kotlin alpha is OUT !

Hello there !

Godot kotlin team is happy to announce that first alpha of Kotlin language for Godot game engine is out !

This first alpha release has finally all artefacts released and we can now provide you with a prebuilt engine and export templates.

The gradle dependencies are published to mavenCentral and the prebuilt engine as well as the prebuilt export templates can be found in the github release here.

Also the docs are now hosted as well. You can find them here.

As soon as jetbrains has updated their plugin repo, you can also install our IDE plugin directly from within the Intellij IDE! Until then you’ll find the IDE plugin here.

We hope to have removed the biggest hurdle for most of you and are very happy if you could test this alpha throroughly.

Please read through the alpha section to learn about the limitations of this release.

We hope that you will enjoy the release and we are looking for your feedback.

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