How to get a good handle on Gradle as a newcomer to Kotlin?

I think it’s safe to say that for Java developers who have been working in the JVM ecosystem, their knowledge of Gradle pretty much carries over when they switch to Kotlin. However for a developer like me, coming directly to Kotlin from other languages with more streamlined toolchains, getting to grips with Gradle is a little bit challenging.

Most resources I’ve found kind of assume you know the toolchain so they don’t bother showing what’s under the hood in the recipes they discuss. As a server-side developer who’s used to automating everything regarding testing, CI and deploying artifacts I feel a strong need to understand Gradle so that I can be confident in creating productive workflows. So I want to ask the Kotlin community for any resource recommendations that’ll help me in this endavour.

P.S. I think, official and community generated Kotlin content could benefit by paying attention to this topic for onboarding developers that are coming from other server-side languages.

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