I am lost, looking for a few headlines and advise

I am lost, looking for a few headlines and advise

what my problem is; hi, I am new to kotlin and I have a really hard time understanding what I actually need. Until now I tried to learn everything from scratch; udemy courses, youtube videos, google academies etc. the problem is I have lost. there are a lot of information and I still can do nothing. okay I know what fun,var,val,if..else etc. but nothing actually helps me what I have in mind. I just realized that I cannot learn how to code from a video what just explain what the code actually do because there are tons of probability in any video, all I can find is one or two. things are not enough.

what I am looking;

I want to create a quiz app for now (kotlin)

1- which code should I use to create texts; do textViews is an easy way, or should I use array lists? why?

2- how can I enlighten the correct answer (once any answer is selected)

3- I want to create a link that will open a video from youtube, I want to add this button to the current question activity but how can I trigger the app to open youtube with specific URL? does “intent” function can be used that way or should I use …?

4- other things that I need to learn for a quiz app. all I need is the names of what I need to write and I will just google these things. for example just tell me that for that function you need to learn how “…” works etc.

I don’t want to give up coding just because I found it difficult, just looking for hands thank you.

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