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Is Kotlin Native ready for CLI tools development ?


I’m currently looking for a typed language to build CLI tools easy to deploy and relatively efficient. Kotlin syntax really seduced me with its elegance and Clickt as a lib in particular is appealing, but some points are still pending for my investment on it, regarding the status and the future of this language.

  • Performance doesn’t seem to be the priority until now and it’s OK regarding its youth. Could we expect some gains in this area someday ? I don’t expect it to be as performant as Rust or even Go as it’s based on LLVM but Typescript/JS seems accessible.
  • OK, the legacy of the Java platform could not be erased so easily, but in 2020 Maven and Gradle are a bit outdated in the era of pip, npm, cargo and others. Could we expect a decent package manager focused on Native ?
  • In the same vein, it’s never clear when libraries are targeting the JVM or Native, neither to unearth them. Is there a package repository somewhere. I’m not against the awesome lists but today this is a required to build a community.

Disclaimer: Again, I’m not trying to debunk initiatives, investment or quality of the community, just to know if this could be a good option for the future on a specific purpose, that is CLI development and DevOps tools.

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