Is there any documentation for kotlinx-serialization-properties?

I’m working on a project where I need to serialize/deserialize both JSON and .properties files. I decided to use KXS because it supports both formats (and yes I know KXS-properties is experimental, that’s fine for me). Now the problem is that I wasn’t able to find any information about KXS-properties at all, except for

  1. it exists (artifact name kotlinx-serialization-properties),
  2. it’s official and
  3. it’s experimental.

I couldn’t even find out what’s the most recent version, I had to resort to Maven Central to find it out (turns out it’s aligned with all other KXS artifacts, so 1.0.0). I’m completely clueless about how to use it in my project. I have


in my


, but that is basically everything. No answers for questions like:

  • Can I have model classes like it’s usual in JSON serialization / deserialization?
  • If yes, are there any intricacies on how to design .properties model classes?
  • Is the frontend unified (meaning that model classes are applicable for every format)?
  • How do I actually serialize and deserialize to/from Properties??

So yeah, my question is: where can I find at least a little bit of documentation about kotlinx-serialization-properties?

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