Kotlin for Beginners Lessons

I’ve started to post a series of daily Kotlin lessons here. The content itself is available without login, and the daily homework can be completed by any logged-in user. Feedback is welcome—including on our Kotlin forum.

These lessons are designed for a CS1 course for complete beginners and move slowly. So I suspect that they may not be appropriate for most people on this sub. But if you know someone who wants to learn to program and learn in Kotlin, feel free to recommend these lessons. Our lessons are extremely hands-on and include an interactive walkthrough feature that I haven’t seen duplicated on other learning to program sites.

We’ve pointed out previously that Kotlin is an ideal language for CS1. Unfortunately my department is too risk-adverse to fully give up Java, which we’re currently using. So the plan for Fall 2021 is to offer both languages side-by-side and lets students use either. That also means that, for now, the Kotlin lessons are mirroring the conceptual progression of our Java lessons. That probably isn’t ideal, since I suspect it will end up limiting our ability to present some of what’s great about Kotlin. But we’ll have time over the summer to adjust the flow so that we maintain parity with Java while not missing out on Kotlin’s best features.

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