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Kotlin from zero with no previous programming experience


Well, it looks like I described the problem in the post’s subject 😉 I’d like to learn Kotlin but I have zero knowledge and I mean zero. No Java, no JS, nothing. Also, I’m a person of a humanities bent which is probably the worst part of the story 🙂 I have a lot of programmer friends who use Kotlin but all links they could give me were rather for someone who’s already a programmer. Like the Kotlin courses on Udacity. I’ve tried the one on Codeacademy but it was very short and it didn’t include a lot of basic stuff you’re supposed to know already.

What was closer to what I needed was the paid course “Android App Development Masterclass using Kotlin” on because it was made for people who know nothing, just like me, but the learning level there was really bad. I mean the fact that you’re a Kotlin expert doesn’t mean you can teach what you know…

So, I’d ask you to recommend me something else (if there’s anything else). I’m sorry, I know the task is super hard 🙂 “Just Google” is not an option, unfortunately.

Thank you!

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