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Kotlin: Reasons Why It Is The Most Preferred Language for Android App

Kotlin is one of the best coding languages that developers use to build Android apps. Initially, we had Java, as the only programming language used by Android app development companies. After the launch of Kotlin, Java’s monopoly has come to an end. However, due to various advantages, this coding language gained a lot of popularity in no time.

Let’s dig deeper to know why Kotlin is getting the most attention from the Android developers.

The most exciting features of Kotlin

Kotlin is a programming language, which has been created to make code writing for Android apps much simpler and productive. It comes with a wide range of striking features that also support Java, which significantly improves the efficiency of Android developers.

Another attractive ability of this feature-rich coding language is its usage with Java. Below we have listed some of the most impressive features of Kotlin.

  • Compatibility with Java codes

Since it has a feature that can convert Java codes to Kotlin, developers working on existing Android apps find it extremely useful.

  • Works in unison with Java

As mentioned already, Kotlin is created to improve the expertise and productivity of Android app developers. Thus, its feature interoperability of codes allows developers to write modules that will work in unison with Java codes.

  • Concise code structure

Kotlin comes with a concise and refined code structure, which helps developers to skip lengthy codes and improve coding efficiency.

Apart from this, other features of Kotlin include:

  • In-built safety measures to prevent any errors.
  • Using Kotlin, developers can synchronize with multiple threads, while making modifications in the data.

Given the numerous benefits and increasing adoption of Kotlin among Android app developers, the future of this coding language seems promising. However, depending on your project’s needs and your budget, you can either choose Kotlin or Java for your next project.

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