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Merry Christmas Kotliners!

It was a crazy and strange year, but we hope that these Christmas days will be full of peace, joy and rest.
… and food, of course! 🤤

To make this time more special we’ve prepared some gifts for you 🎁

Effective Kotlin ebook discount

We know how developing ourselves and broadening our horizons is important, so we want to give you a special discount for the Effective Kotlin ebook 🎄
It’s a guide for Kotlin developers on how to become an excellent Kotlin developer — definitely the best gift idea for all the Kotlin lovers!

Simply click this link and order your ebook with a discount!

Effective Kotlin ebook — XMAS_discount

Workshops discount 💰

Have you recently thought about learning something new or improving your current knowledge? If so, here you go — a 20% discount for all our workshops!

❄️ Choose a course.
❄️ Fill up the form.
❄️ Write❗KT-20-XMAS❗in the “additional info” field and get 20% off the normal price!

Don’t miss it out! 🤩 Kt. Academy workshop

If there is anything more you need, let us know!

Merry Christmas and Happy Coding!
Kt. Academy Team

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