Need Help Learning Kotlin?, Check out our community,

Hello!, We are The Developers Guild, a friendly discord community offering free help and chat about java and many other programming languages.

We want more Kotlin programmers to join our ranks, so we together can teach and learn from each other

Discord Community: Script Review, Paired Programming, Collab, and Live Instruction for API Engineers!
A community of student and professional developers. Join us for free instruction, paired programming, code/project review, collaboration, and more. Looking for exposure to new concepts? Engage in peer review on your projects? Want to shout to the world that your API is online and ready for use? Looking for help getting through your latest assignment or project? If you can ask a good question you’re like to find a good answer here! If you’re more on the expert side and you’re so inclined you can engage in the Feinberg method of learning, where you reinforce what you do know and spot weaknesses in your own studies, by teaching a few code-along courses or just share your latest project. Regardless of your skill level though we are eager to have individuals from the software development sphere to collaborate and converse with. To teach and be taught. In short: We’d love to have you. Come on in!

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