Opened a ticket to jetbrains around tailwind support for JTE

JTE is a template engine for Java/Kotlin that I’ve started using recently. While trying to integrate tailwind I’ve run into issue with the (notorious) IntelliJ tailwind plugin. I’ve opened a ticket with JetBrains to ask that they add *.kte and *.jte file extensions to the tailwind plugin. If anyone else is keen for this change to be made, please upvote the linked ticket.

JTE is one of the template languages linked in the official ktor docs, so I’m hoping that they fix this pretty quickly. Being able to write front-end code entirely in kotlin is a dream and having JTE support it as a first-class citizen is brilliant. We write almost all of our view logic in kotlin view models and the JTE intellij plugin makes it really pleasant to break down larger template files into partials with actual autocomplete.

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