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Using createPortal in functionalComponent of Kotlin-react

Does anyone have some idea how to use createPortal in kotlin-react for example to render a modal? i have tried several ways and nothing is working. I´m new at Kotlin. Here is one way i tryed:

interface Modalprops:RProps{

var visible:Boolean


val modal = functionalComponent<Modalprops> {props->

val (container) = useState(document.create.div{+"asdasdsa"})

useEffectWithCleanup(emptyList()) {


return@useEffectWithCleanup { document.body?.removeChild(container)}



if(props.visible) {

div { +"asdasd" }




fun RBuilder.OModal(isvisible:Boolean, handler:Modalprops.()->Unit) = child(modal){





its just how its working in good old TS and i tried to transfer it to kotlin-react but createPortal seems to do nothing in this case.

It would be nice if some could give me an example of how implement this example correct in react-kotlin.

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