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Utterly lost. Need noob advice.

I know NOTHING about coding. I’m aware that kotlin and android can steer you into making apps/games for android.

I want to make games “recreationally”. I am realistic in that i do not expect to make a AAA game or anything remotely close to one. That is not possible solo and far too ambitious.

Every youtube video is that stereotypical celebrity shit youtuber who is utterly useless and more about the idea of acting on it than actually steering you straight…

So. As a guy who is legitimately interested, with realistic expectations, what is the ideal platform to aim for? Android? PC?

What programming languages are most valuable to learn for this? I am not afraid of a challenge. If you throw C++ at me, i will not be discouraged, but informed. I love a good challenge.

Where. Do. I. Start?

Please understand, I’m not one of “those guys” that is randomly asking just to ditch it tomorrow. I am serious, but SOOOOO overwhelmed by information tech as a whole. I’m 27, but feel like I’m 60 lol…

I know nothing, but am willing to learn everything.

I’m a passionate gamer with ideas i want to make a reality, but have no clue where to start..

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