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Great articles & Bonus

New great articles & Bonus

Since our last Medium newsletter, we have published a few amazing articles. Let’s go through them now!


Plus something extra!

We want to remind you that Hacktoberfest is still running! For those who haven’t heard about it yet — it’s the time when developers are hacking open source projects for fun, self-development, and for doing something good.

Here’s an article written by Jean-Michel Fayard where you can find more information about it — Contribute to the Kotlin Libraries Playground for Hacktoberfest!


In the Advent of Kotlin 2018, we learned how to implement mocks, dependency injection library, sorted list, find the shortest path. It was quite a challenge, and we are proud of it! 😉

If you missed it, you can learn it now on our new course. Have fun!

We are not slowing down and still run workshops for developers:

To make your journey through the courses more intuitive, we have gathered all the workshops under one button “Workshops”.

Moreover, to make the registration process easier, we have added prices and separate forms for open and private workshops.

❗All the workshops can be conducted online.

For more information visit our website or contact us at

Happy coding!
Kt. Academy Team

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Dark Theme Is Now Available in Toolbox App 1.18.

It’s been a while since you made this wish, and now we’ve finally made it come true! We are happy to introduce the frequently requested feature – the Dark Theme. :tada:

Don’t have the Toolbox App yet? Click the link below to download the free Toolbox App and start working with the theme you like the most.

Download now

You shouldn’t wait any longer to see it in action. Just update your Toolbox App to version 1.18, if you haven’t set the Toolbox App to update automatically and select the Dark Theme in the “Appearance & Behavior” section of the Toolbox App Settings.

Dark Theme

Currently, the app offers two options – Light or Dark Theme – which you can change manually. Go to the Toolbox App Settings and choose the theme you like under the “Appearance & Behavior”.
Theme Settings

Bug Fixes 🛠

In the same release, we’ve fixed the following issues:

TBX-4898 – Generation of shell scripts on macOS for Android Studio 4.0 and 4.1 now works correctly.
TBX-4985 – Toolbox now correctly updates taskbar shortcuts on Windows.
TBX-5031, TBX-5066 – The uninstall process on Windows now works correctly.
TBX-5199 – Toolbox now updates Linux .desktop files if there is a broken symlink.
TBX-5233 – We’ve fixed a bug that caused Android Studio 4.1 not to start from the Toolbox App on macOS.

See the full list of fixed issues here.

As always, the Toolbox App team is happy to get your feedback! Leave us a message in our issue tracker or on Twitter by mentioning @JBToolbox.

Stay safe, and stay productive!
The Toolbox App team

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