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New great articles & Bonus

Since our last Medium newsletter, we have published a few amazing articles. Let’s go through them now!


Plus something extra!

We want to remind you that Hacktoberfest is still running! For those who haven’t heard about it yet — it’s the time when developers are hacking open source projects for fun, self-development, and for doing something good.

Here’s an article written by Jean-Michel Fayard where you can find more information about it — Contribute to the Kotlin Libraries Playground for Hacktoberfest!


In the Advent of Kotlin 2018, we learned how to implement mocks, dependency injection library, sorted list, find the shortest path. It was quite a challenge, and we are proud of it! 😉

If you missed it, you can learn it now on our new course. Have fun!

We are not slowing down and still run workshops for developers:

To make your journey through the courses more intuitive, we have gathered all the workshops under one button “Workshops”.

Moreover, to make the registration process easier, we have added prices and separate forms for open and private workshops.

❗All the workshops can be conducted online.

For more information visit our website or contact us at

Happy coding!
Kt. Academy Team

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